Welcome to the Ski Patrol

Song Mountain Ski Patrol  is an all volunteer organization. Song Mountain Ski Patrol is a member of the National Ski Patrol (NSP).  We are governed by the National Ski Patrol and the NSP  Eastern division. We are the men and women in the Red Coats with the white crosses. 

Fred Fergerson,  Our Friday night Chief of the Hill
Fred Fergerson, Our Friday night Chief of the Hill

MISSION: Our mission is to help provide a safe and fun ski environment for all skiers and snow boarders. We are always available to help or assist with any question or emergency. Feel free to talk to any of us at any time. We are a friendly bunch and always willing to stop if we are skiing by.  If we don't know the answer we have access to ski slope management to assist in getting you the answer. Each one of us carries a radio so that we can quickly communicate to other patrollers all over the hill and management in the office.  Please always obey all trail signs, trail markers and Patroller instructions. If we are providing instruction or information it is for your own safety or the safety of other skiers on the hill. Also be aware of warning poles or other obstruction markers.  These may be marking limited snow coverage, environmental hazardous, or other man-made or natural hazards.   Please become familiar with the Responsibility Code. It is your legal obligation to know and follow the Responsibility Code.

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